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Charlotte, North Carolina


Bark Scorpion & Black Widow Extermination

North Carolina Bark Scorpion

The bark scorpion is found in North Carolina and has a potent sting. These arachnids are also armed with pinchers, although they should be least worried about. Black widows are also a common threat. Their poisonous bite can cause a variety of symptoms. Both scorpions & black widows should be considered dangerous and are not something to take lightly. If you are bitten or stung, please contact the local Poison Control Center for info on what you can do.

Prevent The North Carolina Bark Scorpion From Your Home

In order to prevent scorpions & other pests from entering your home, start with good door jam seals. Warehouse stores offer a variety of soft foam insulating strips that work well and stopping leaks & entrances in your home. Windows should be secured closed and doors should be closed as often as possible.To get all the routes for a scorpion to get in, finish your sealing job by stretching and securing screen over the vents in your home. This is the full proof, last ditch effort to get rid of scorpions once and for all but it can be a pain. If you need help in sealing up your home, be sure to contact us and be ready to get your home safe.


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Spiders Need Food Like Crickets, Roaches, Beetles & Moths

Scorpion and spider prevention starts at the food sources: crickets, roaches, moths, nat's, beetles & other bugs. Pest control spray will take care of the food source for these pesky arachnids, causing them to flee your home for more fertile grounds; your neighbors yard. Just be sure to continue regular maintenance in order to keep the pests gone.

Extermination visits by your industry professionals are quick & effective. It is easy to set up an appointment with one of our professional today to come clean out your bug problem. Contact us through any of the many forms found on this site or by simply sending an email to ContactUs@ncpests.com. Pest Control Professionals are standing by to help.